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Allan Green

Allan Green paints in oils and finds himself drawn to the coast, estuaries and wild places for subject matter and recreation. The changes in weather and season provide a never ending source of inspiration for his paintings. He is particularly fascinated by the effects of light,especially the play of light on water, and is well known for his beautifully observed seascapes and his studies of the South Hams estuaries and dramatic Dartmoor landscapes. Recently he has embarked on some larger powerful seascapes.

‘I paint subjects that excite me visually, in places that I like to be. I use a digital camera more than a sketchbook for speed. i try to be lucky enough to capture 'the decisive moment' in Cartier-Bresson's phrase, and these are the images i work from. I enjoy the physical business of painting, the balancing act between making an intrinsically interesting and coherent surface and creating the illusion of space and depth therein. Each blank canvas or board is a fresh challenge.’

Allan is happy to accept commissions.